Two cats, two children, a man, a woman, a house, a kitchen, a wood-working and restoration workshop, a vegetable garden, an orchard, a wood that is flourishing and another that is coming into being.
This place is so much more than just a home to us. It has become a life project, a dream, a utopia. It is a way of being.
We restored our house and our workshop with our very own hands using natural materials – wood, cork, hemp.

We believe in the sun, and with its help, we generate electricity and hot water.
We believe in wood, which we use to make furniture, doors, stairs, floors and walls.
Wood also keeps us warm, since it fuels the boiler and three furnaces that heat our home, our workshop and the Green Door.
We work in harmony with the land, planting and cultivating trees for our organic orchard, and with the same hands we create bread, pasta, biscuits and brioches.

We revel in the calm that manual activities provide: they make time flow differently, helping us to make memories and write the story of our lives, a story that is animated by our cats, our children, a kitchen, a workshop, an orchard, a vegetable garden, the Green Door and us – a story that has been unfolding for 15 years and that has shaped who we are.