The Spaces

If you open the Green Door, you will find two bright, tranquil rooms, a bathroom, and a large common space inundated with light where our guests have breakfast, read, reflect, work, converse.
There is a garden in which to wander, have breakfast, or drink an aperitif under the beech trees.
Here you will find everything you are looking for.

The Grove

There is a large field that aspires to become a little forest.
Staying with us, in fact, you might witness the planting of a tree.
The Green Door, the grove, and you – if you come to visit, you, too, will put down roots, becoming a tree and growing with the others that have already been planted.
A part of you would remain here forever.

The Breakfast

Opening your eyes. Cradling a steaming mug in your hands and then smelling a homemade breakfast.
This is how we think your day should begin.

The Workshop

The workshop has been here as long as we can remember. Matteo grew up in it, playing with hammers, nails, wood and his grandfather’s old tools.
Matteo has always loved working with wood, so he studied wood restoration and conservation and has been working in this field for over twenty years.
This large home has always had a workshop in one part of it or another; it has moved around in response to our use of the space, adapting itself to the circumstances of the moment, but Matteo and the workshop have always been parts of the same whole.
It is the place where it all began, where all of our projects, including the Green Door, have been dreamed up.
The house, our bed and breakfast – none of it would exist if there hadn’t first been the workshop, which was the first link in the chain of projects and events that, over the last twenty years, has become our life.